About the illustrations

They are the last, having found a small sanctum where they will try to keep themselves and the magic alive.

This illustration started out quite a few years ago. With my love of dragons and unicorns blossoming at a young age, they hold a special place in my heart.

It first started with films and books such as “The Last Unicorn” and “The Hobbit”. Leaving a lasting impression of what it felt to be the last of your kind, a dying breed. From Smaug to Amalthea, they were the remaining links to a time quickly being lost to time and mankind’s power and greed.

I wanted to embody that as best as I could. The last of their kind. Alone in a world that has forgotten the magic.

She cared not of what was, or what would be. Having nothing left to loose, she sought vengeance.

This illustration started out as a completely different piece. Most of my images evolve as I work on them.

I wanted to portray a sense of indifference. Originally, she was a wounded matriarch attempting to save her clutch. In the end, her eggs were destroyed, and she decided to unleash her wrath and seek vengeance.

In my dream, I was on an African safari and saw a spiral horned unicorn across the river grazing on the lush bank. I fell in love instantly with the wild and rugged beast.

This illustration started with a dream and has been one of my fastest turnarounds on a piece yet. The bulk of the illustration happened in about two days. Finishing touches took a bit longer.

This is a primal, non-mythical unicorn, part zebra, fjord and przwelski horse. It could have lived, hidden in a remote forest at the furthest edge of the world.

“Oh, Hiraeth, where shall you find yourself when the days turn long and withered?

Shall the journey to the afterlife come so soon? Nay, first be capable of loving more than oneself.

Learn with this new form. It will gain you clarity for only so long.

Spread your wings and ascend to your destiny.

Everything becomes clear in the unyielding and sky.

Find oneself, heart and soul at the tip of an outstretched hand.

Dare not recoil at the thought.

Growth and fulfillment of self, the secret of mortals and immortals, our well-being.

Yes, even Dragonkin.

Maybe then, Hiraeth . . . your final hearth and resting place will come to light.”

Children of Divinity – La’Aurelie, prophecy sung to Hiraeth at the darkest reach