About the illustrations

They are the last, having found a small sanctum where they will try to keep themselves and the magic alive.

This illustration started out quite a few years ago. With my love of dragons and unicorns blossoming at a young age, they hold a special place in my heart.

It first started with films and books such as “The Last Unicorn” and “The Hobbit”. Leaving a lasting impression of what it felt to be the last of your kind, a dying breed. From Smaug to Amalthea, they were the remaining links to a time quickly being lost to time and mankind’s power and greed.

I wanted to embody that as best as I could. The last of their kind. Alone in a world that has forgotten the magic.

She cared not of what was, or what would be. Having nothing left to loose, she sought vengeance.

This illustration started out as a completely different piece. Most of my images evolve as I work on them.

I wanted to portray a sense of indifference. Originally, she was a wounded matriarch attempting to save her clutch. In the end, her eggs were destroyed, and she decided to unleash her wrath and seek vengeance.

In my dream, I was on an African safari and saw a spiral horned unicorn across the river grazing on the lush bank. I fell in love instantly with the wild and rugged beast.

This illustration started with a dream and has been one of my fastest turnarounds on a piece yet. The bulk of the illustration happened in about two days. Finishing touches took a bit longer.

This is a primal, non-mythical unicorn, part zebra, fjord and przwelski horse. It could have lived, hidden in a remote forest at the furthest edge of the world.