Perpetual Maelstrom – The Personal Story Behind the Piece.

Perpetual Maelstrom by Kaitlund Zupanic

It is common to have a chaotic mind from time to time. Though sometimes it happens more often than we would like. Have you ever had a day where your inner thoughts seem to become increasingly chaotic and loud? 

Unfortunately, this is the story for many of us who struggle with ADD/ADHD. Finding calm within the storm to focus on the task at hand is incredibly tricky. It adds inconceivable layers of distractibility to our ever-increasing workload. With the trials and tribulations of a technologically advanced society also comes an internal battle of wills. Your Facebook feed goes on and on, willing you to keep scrolling. With different thoughts and interruptions shouting at you while your mind wanders and changes the channel every 20 seconds. 

Perpetual Maelstrom represents the chaos present in an ADD/ADHD mind. The storm clouds are looming with bright and dazzling lights. The bright white light from the sun is blinding. While dark and sinister areas of gloom swirl at the edges, waiting to overtake you. As you make your way through the tumult of the Maelstrom, you come face to face with the ever-present and looming deadlines and tasks. All seem increasingly deadly, but you can’t decipher them to take action and attempt to dispel the threat. 

How do you find your way back to calmer skies? 

Each task holds the same weight, and everything is a high priority. You feel trapped and powerless. You wait for any responsibility to rear its ugly head out of the clouds and charge. At this point, you are going to be shred to pieces, bit by bit. While stuck deciding which one to tackle first. 

When your mind is unable to quickly and easily assign how urgent a task or looming deadline is, it makes everything seem equally as terrible. Leaving you lost and at the whim of the storm of thoughts surrounding you until you can find a way to control the chaos engulfing you. 

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Are you an Artist with ADD/ADHD? Or know someone who is? How do you overcome your “Perpetual Maelstrom?”

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