Pre-order Inktober Drawing from 2019.


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It’s that time of year again, INKTOBER! For this Artist, it means daily ink drawings of the Dragon kind! 


Here is where you can prepay for your lovely Inktober Dragons. 

There will be 31 pre-order slots that can be claimed. It is first-come, first-serve. To claim a slot, comment that you claim a spot on the official post on Facebook that will launch at 2pm MST on Tuesday the 1st OR Simply order here.  Your number in line will be determined on the timestamp of your comment or purchase, whichever comes first. Tthis will aid me in deciding who can claim each drawing first. 


Each day, when the drawing is posted up, those who have pre-paid will be tagged in the drawing to make sure you don’t miss it! Comment “CLAIM” or “PASS” within 24 hours.


Example: Day 1 (#1) can choose first, next is Day 2 (#2) etc. This will require some patience but you will be able to think about your choice for 24 hours after the drawing is posted.


See a day you think you will really want? Claim that day. Example – “Claim day 12” Who wouldn’t want a double Dragon day? Didn’t see one you liked by the end of the event? Choose a prompt from the list and I will create a drawing based on that for you! 

Any drawings that aren’t claimed by the end of the month will go up on the website at the regular rate of $125+


Good luck and may the Dragons be ever in your favor!


Claim a drawing for $65 shipped in the US you will receive your coupon code via Patreon. Be sure to comment on the facebook post to claim your spot in line. You have 24 hours to pay after claiming your spot. 

*International will be required to pay $10 for International shipping*