Diplomatic Difficulties Playmat


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Fantasy art playmat by Kaitlund Zupanic. Used for online gaming, card games, tabletop games, hanging out, and more!

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All interactions with royalty are subject to individual dignity. Working with Faeries is no different and take “decorum” to a whole new level.

Firstly, it is a rare occurrence to see a dragon in a position of diplomacy, especially one as small as this one. Faeries are not known for their attention span. With the curiosity of a 5-year-old, inspecting the great maw of the young gold dragon is fascinating. At some point, it’s better to go along with the Faeries’ curiosity for a few moments. Then return to the conversation at hand.

Secondly, it’s a common custom to shelter a diplomat with a leaf during a Spring rainstorm. This poses specific challenges when the diplomat is a dragon. Despite their best efforts, there is only so much leaf a single fairy can carry.

Future interactions with dragons will need more than two faerie escorts. And held on a less cloudy day.

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