Stan The Rex Fossil Painting

🦖 “Stan” The Rex 🦖

Find a connection to the past. Imagine having the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, upon your walls for display. Or impress your friends with a unique gift inspired by creativity this Christmas. “Stan” The Rex is or rather was a real dinosaur.

Discover some interesting facts about “Stan” below for your entertainment.

“Stan” The Rex lives at The Museum of Ancient Life in Thanksgiving Point, Utah. His fossil discovery came from the Hell Creek formation, South Dakota. Stan took paleontologists over 30,000 painstaking hours to prepare. He’s the most popular Tyrannosaurus Rex ever to be seen in museums.

Stan’s Skull is the most accurate one to date and once held the record for his mostly intact skeleton. He was de-throned and is now the 5th best skeleton found. Named after the man who found him in the 1990s – Stan Sacrison, an amateur paleontologist.

Check out the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. It’s like stepping into the past and visiting Earth before the modern era. Experience this feeling with your friends and family. Enjoy a beautiful Saturday spent enamored by beauty and history. Fun for the whole family.

“Stan” The Rex illustrated by myself thanks to the generous support of Sara Wootton and the Museum of Ancient Life.

Original – Oil on board 8×10

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