Suchomimus Original Painting

Suchomimus original oil painting, framed. Roughly 8″x16″ Framed. Painted at the Museum of Ancient Life as part of an enrichment program. Interacting and drawing with the children and patrons of the Museum. Suchomimus lived about 100 million years ago and is one of my favorite dinosaurs. Painted on aluminum board and float mounted in a wonderful antiqued frame.

Excerpt from the Museum of Ancient Life.

“Measuring 36 feet in length and 12 feet high at the hips, this dinosaur is believed to have been a fish-eater. Suchomimus is the most complete spinosaur known to date, and although it looked very much like a crocodile, it was nearly the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex. At the end of each short forearm, Suchomimus sported three claws. Each giant thumb was tipped with a one-foot-long claw that probably served well for fishing.”

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