Diplomatic Difficulties With Faeries



Although faeries can be troublesome creatures, they still have their limits. Creating powerful allies helps to not just secure their kingdom, but continue life as they know it. However, when they decide to ally with dragons, things can become difficult. It is customary for faeries to cover dignitaries in a meeting with a leaf. However, how do you cover a dragon 1000 times larger than you?

In this piece, I tried to capture the mischievous behaviors of faeries while trying to portray patience in dragons. Notice how the dragon looks slightly irritated with everything. Especially while the faeries check out his teeth and mouth.

“It’s never easy when you add faeries to diplomatic proceedings, let alone dragons!”

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All interactions with royalty are subject to individual dignity. Working with Faeries is no different and take “decorum” to a whole new level.

Firstly, it is a rare occurrence to see a dragon in a position of diplomacy, especially one as small as this one. Faeries are not known for their attention span. With the curiosity of a 5-year-old, inspecting the great maw of the young gold dragon is fascinating. At some point, it’s better to go along with the Faeries’ curiosity for a few moments. Then return to the conversation at hand.

Secondly, it’s a common custom to shelter a diplomat with a leaf during a Spring rainstorm. This poses specific challenges when the diplomat is a dragon. Despite their best efforts, there is only so much leaf a single fairy can carry.

Future interactions with dragons will need more than two faerie escorts. And held on a less cloudy day.

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