Watcher in the Mist



The Forever King, Eirik, the Watcher in the Mists

It is said that Eirik once overthrew a cruel King by channeling his magic into a scepter of great strength and power. It was crafted from a branch of the great oak tree as it was the one of the oldest trees in the mist.

Oak tree’s have the ability to passively absorb small amounts of magic from the world around them over time. Any fallen branches were treasured for making magical instruments. In the forest where Eirik dwelled, a mist began creeping from the great Oak shortly after Eirik arrived. Covering the forest for hundreds of miles in a thick fog and creating a sanctuary for all mythical creatures. There Eirik dwelled, giving guidance and solace to those who cared to look. 

This piece ties into the “Fall of Legend” piece. The unicorn dwelt in his forest, but when Eirik disappeared, the mists dissipated and the forest was left to fall into ruin. This in turn lead the seasons to once again take hold of the land instead of perpetual spring. 

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