Patron of Wisdom


The Hierophant (AKA Patron of Wisdom) represents everything that can be good within an organized religion. Finding the good in the world and expanding upon it through self-learning or a mentor. Once you have gained this enlightenment, you are then able to pass the information on to others. In turn, creating peace and harmony in the world.
Creating a Tarot card wasn’t an easy feat for me. There is so much symbolism to include and it can be overwhelming. Deciding what elements were most important to me was the first step. Once I decided, the piece became much easier to envision. Especially adding in my take as a dragon. Keeping his crown and scepter was important to me. I created his three-tiered crest and triple-forked tail as his scepter. It was the best solution I could think of in a draconic form. His element is Earth. I show this through the gemstones that surround him and the tree branches sprouting out of his back. Each tree branch holds a star representing wisdom. Each branch holds a fruit he can pluck to gift those who seek enlightenment.
I finished the piece with a patron below him. I also included two pillars beside him as petrified trees. All keeping to the earth elements in the piece.
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