Perpetual Maelstrom


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Once discourse has begun, it compounds itself and feeds off of the fear and turmoil. All one can do is keep thy head above the tumultuous waves of cataclysmic events cascading throughout the world as the vultures’ circle, waiting for the demise of all things.

What if dragons were gods, benevolent and kind, but they had forgotten their place in the world? Who would take up the mantle to reforge the balance? – Dragons Kill with Fire, an Anthology, coming in 2020

Perpetual Maelstrom represents the chaos present in an ADD/ADHD mind. The storm clouds are looming with bright and dazzling lights. The bright white light from the sun is blinding. While dark and sinister areas of gloom swirl at the edges, waiting to overtake you. As you make your way through the tumult of the Maelstrom, you come face to face with the ever-present and looming deadlines and tasks. All seem increasingly deadly, but you can’t decipher them to take action and attempt to dispel the threat.

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